经过erin voegele.|2021年4月12日

Drax Group plc released the results of a new study on April 12 that shows its planned bioenergy with carbon capture and storage (BECCS) projects will save the U.K. more than £4.5 billion ($6.18 billion) over the next decade as the country works to meet its climate goals.



For the study, Baringa considered the role of negative emissions in reaching the U.K.’s net-zero goals, the role of BECC-power given the competing abatement options, and the role of the Drax projects as part of a broader need for BECCS-power.


该报告称Drax-Becsss项目“无遗憾”选项,并指出净零的指出,没有BECCS-Power的昂贵更昂贵。“Conversion of Drax’s existing biomass units can pave the way to a substantial program of new build BECCS and other negative emissions technologies, such as biomass gasification to produce hydrogen with negative emissions, with the optimum pathway being refined as technologies mature and costs evolve,” said Baringa in the report. “Drax BECCS can also provide an important ‘anchor project’ for development of the CO2 Transmission & Storage infrastructure as part of the Humber CCS cluster. Additionally, Drax’s consistent demand for biomass can aid in the development of sustainable biomass supply chains.”